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US - 12 - Comparative Anatomy: Mythological Creatures Research Guide: Assignment


Part 1 The mythology of your creature (Sphinx, Siren, Satyrus or Satyr, Minotaurus, Chimaera or Chimera, Ganesha, Pegasus, Draconis or Draco or Dragon, Centaurus or Centaur, Harpy)

  1. Origin myths
    1. From what Culture(s) did your creature originate/believe to exist
    2. Describe any information that reveals the origin of your creature, if multiple possible origins exist compare and contrast
  2. Myths related to how the creature behaved
    1. Describe any special powers
    2. In what ways did your creature interact with humans
    3. How it interacted with its environment
    4. Temperament

Part 2 Biology of your creature

  1. Anatomy of your organism
    1. provide an anatomical description of your organism that focuses on the features make the organism unique. 

i.You will draw a detailed anatomical drawing of specific features the unique aspects of that feature that builds on the anatomical drawings of Dr. Spencer Black.

ii.You will discuss what is unique about the feature

  1. provide anatomical descriptions of actual organisms for the part that are shared with your creature

i.Discuss similarities and differences between your creature and other organisms

ii.Note any feature that has no resemblance to a living organism

  1. Evolutionary history
    1. Create a phylogenetic tree for your creature
    2. Provide evidence and justification for why your creature would share a clad with other organisms on your tree
  2. Embryonic Development
    1. What mechanisms of development would result in your creatures body form

i.Discuss the inductive and morphogenetic signals that would need to occur

ii.Discuss any limitations of development that would prevent the development of your creature through known mechanisms.

  1. Compare your creatures development to living organisms
  1. Morphology of your creature
    1. Discuss the morphology your creature as it relates to the anatomy

i.How and which anatomical features changed morphologically

ii.Speculate on the forces acting your creature

  1. Mass of body on limbs
  2. Balance of body on limbs
  3. Mechanical advantage of limbs
  4. Forces acting vertebrate

iii.Compare to the morphology of creatures that share anatomical structures

  1. Ecology of creature

i.What ecological niche does your creature occupy

ii.What adaptations does it have to obtain food

iii.In what habitat is it best adapted

  1. discuss the functional morphology as it relates to its ecology