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US - 12 - Comparative Anatomy: Mythological Creatures Research Guide: Online Resources--Start Research Here Tonight

Encyclopedia Britannica School

START HERE! Use this link to find background information about your topic.
Jot down important dates, keywords, and facts. Since this is common knowledge, you do NOT cite it. 

Encyclopedia Britannica

username/password: latinhawks/cls

Myth Encyclopedia (COMMON KNOWLEDGE)---Do not use search box. Use the letters


Resurection: Part II The Codex of Extinct Animalia

(not sure it's legal, but allows you to view illustrations and commentary from the book)


Ancient History Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Mythica


Perseus Digital Library (Tufts University)

Theoi Greek Mythology (The Theoi Project---no reputable author, but great bibliography)


Video: New Evidence: The Best Mermaid Evidence of 2013 (Animal Planet)

Video: Do Mermaids Exist? (Discovery Channel)

Websites-Human/Animal Anatomy





Library Resources & Databases

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