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US - 10 - MoWoHi: Edwards: WWII Textbook Research Guide 2017: Online Resources

Encyclopedia Britannica School

START HERE! Use this link to find background information about your topic.
Jot down important dates, keywords, and facts. Since this is common knowledge, you do NOT cite it. 

Encyclopedia Britannica

username/password: latinhawks/cls


Off the Grid: Searching Google

Since this Research Guide offers quality resources,  use Google for low stake information. Ex. What are Yew Trees? Where is Addis Ababa located? Spelling of Machu Picchu.

If, at some point during your research, you decide to look for sources not included on the research guide:  

  • Limiting your search to just OR can help filter out information you don't want to you use. Google also offers an "advanced search". Try Google Scholar
  •  A USA Today article does not carry the same weight as a New York Times article; choose your sources carefully.
  • Can you answer the following questions? 
    • Who are the authors/publishers, and why do you believe they are reliable?
    • What is the relevance of this information to my topic?
    • When was this information published?  Is there more current information available?
    • Where does this source gets its information, does it have a bibliography of sources?
    • Why does this source exist?  What is the point of view I should be aware of?

These are a few of the questions we use when selecting a resource for this guide, and  you are expected to adhere to these same high standards.

Keep in mind that your teacher can quickly form an opinion about your work based on the sources you used.  

Library Resources & Databases

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