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US - 11 - Gee - Biological Connection Points- Project #1: Assignment




Biological Connection Points


Throughout the year we will work to make meaning from biology.  This will address the details and synergies in biology, but we will strive for something greater.  You will construct your personal answer to the question: why does biology matter? 


There will be two different projects targeting this meaning making during the year.  You will have considerable latitude in defining the shape that your deliverable takes, but you will need to present it to the class in a three to five minute presentation.


Biology Connection Points – Project #1

Identify a way that biology is relevant and meaningful to you personally.  Choose wisely.  While it is true that, as an animal, you must eat, examine that as a possible topic.  Do you care about food and digestion?  Do you want to learn more about it?  Answering “no” to either or both questions means it would be a poor focal point.


You will need to do some research and explore the topic that you have chosen.  You will need to:

  • Communicate the science involved.
  • Explain what makes it relevant and meaningful to you.
  • Place your topic in a broader context (i.e. move the focus beyond yourself).
  • Present your topic creatively.



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