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MS - 6 - Science: Element Research Guide 2015/16: The Steps


Honor Above All

Works Cited Reminders  

Before you take a single note Cite Your Work.  

Honor Above all

Understand Your Assignment, Step 1

  • Know what you are being asked to do. Understand the rubric.
  • Be able to restate the research question in your own words.This is different than the rubric.  The question you are asked is what you will be answering in your research.
  • Always have your assignment next to you when you are working. 

Choose Your Resources, Step 3

  • What types of sources are you required to use? 
  • Remember 5 W’s of choosing a source.
    • Who are the authors/publishers, are they reliable?
    • What is the relevance of this information to my topic?
    • When was this information published?  Is it current?
    • Where does this source gets its information, does it have citations?
    • Why does this source exist?  What is the point of view I should be aware of?
  • Skim and Scan to save time.  Remember Command + F.
  • When using a book, remember to use the Index and Table of Contents.

Organize Your Notes, Step 5

  • Look for common themes and different ways to organize your thoughts.
  • Make certain you have facts to support your opinions.

Remember, you will use your notes over and over because you will be creating several final products (oral, written, display, etc)

Locate Useful Information, Step 2

  • What type of source do I need and where will I find it?
    • book/ library reserve cart
    • database/ research guide    
  • What are the key words and phrases I will use when conducting my search?
    • keep jotting down ideas as your research progresses

Take Notes, Step 4

  • Remember to record the works cited information before you begin taking notes.
  • Only record information that relates to your topic, but be sure to take enough notes.
  • Use bullet point summaries of the information you need.

Create a folder in Google Drive for this project. Then create a Document for the notes/citations in this folder. 

Create the Final Product, Step 6

  • Did you answer the question you were asked?
  • Did you support your opinions with facts?
  • Did you check your work against the rubric?
  • Can you check off the requirements?