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US- Glenn: History Through Art: Globalization of Color 2017: Assignment


History Through Art

Globalization of Color

Ms. Glenn


Theme Four centers on the idea of globalization.  We will look at the idea of globalization in two different time periods.  The “early” period of globalization goes from ancient times through 1600.  Your task is to relate the history of your color to the idea of globalization.  You will present your findings to the class as well as turn in a thesis and Chicago style bibliography.


Presentation (50 points)

5-10 minutes with at least 4 visuals (a map is a good idea)

Include information on the following:

            What is your definition of globalization?

            What, literally, is the history of your color (dye, pigment, where did it originate, etc.)?

            Discuss the trade of your color (What was it used for? Why did people want it?  Where was

                                                               it traded?  What was its value?)

            What is the symbolism of your color? (Good place for a visual here, perhaps a piece of art)


Written (10 points)

Thesis that explains how your color relates to early globalization

Chicago style bibliography (includes sources you used for visuals and information in the         presentation).

Copy of power point presentation


A note on sources:

You must have at least 3 sources for this assignment.  One must be an actual book, one must be an academic journal, and the third is up to you.



Wednesday 11/15 – Library for research

Friday  11/17 – Library for research + Capstone meetings

Monday 11/20 – Library for research +Capstone meetings

Tuesday 11/21 – Library for research

Monday 11/27 – Library for research

Thursday 11/30– DUE:  Presentations/Written materials



Color options

Purple  (Ashton/Emily)

Red (Fleming/Audrey)

Blue (Chaney/Cecelia)

Yellow (Catie/Gray)

Green (Lilly/Connor)


Questions? Ask Ms. Stuart