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English 11: Bonner- Great Gatsby 2019: Assignment



  1. Students will analyze The Great Gatsby as a social commentary by focusing on a historical context and specific events of the era.

  2. Students will complete each stage of the writing process to include:

  • Research

  • pre-writing (outline)

  • draft (first draft)

  • Revision

  • editing (self and peer edit)

  • publishing (final draft).

  1. Students may use a variety of resources (print, reference, electronic) to research selected sub-topics related to the 1920’s and The Great Gatsby.

  2. Students will link literature with historical research.



Compose a research paper that integrates The Great Gatsby with historical research. The focus of your paper should explore how/why  The Great Gatsby is a social commentary of the 1920’s.

To what extent is The Great Gatsby a social commentary of the 1920’s?  

To help with this prompt, you will select one of the following two categories to research with a focus on three sub-topics to ultimately prove your thesis.


Category 1: Economic and Social Impact

Category 2: Cultural Impact

  • Immigration

  • The American Dream

  • Women’s Rights

  • Racism and the resurgence of the KKK

  • Economic Divide between Upper and Lower class

  • Prohibition and Bootlegging

  • Organized Crime

  • Transportation technology (cars, trains, boats, planes, etc)

  • Women’s fashion (flappers)

  • Athletics (1919 World Series)

  • Cultural Icons (actors, athletes, politicians)

  • Artistic Icons (musicians, authors, poets, playwrights)

  • Entertainment (music, pop culture, moving pictures)

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