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MS - 6 - International Day 2015/16: Assignment Reminders

Assignment Requirements

Display Board Research Assignment

  • Each partner will create 4 information sheets on each of the topics he/she has selected.
  • Each information sheet will have a topic sentence with bullet point information that supports the topic sentence.
    • This will be completed in Humanities class.
  • You are required to use at least 4 different sources from the research guide.
  • You and your partner(s) must each choose 4 different topics from the list of topics..

Remember each group is required to do Government   Economy   Religion


Information to look for when researching government:

  • Type of government and what that means.
  • Branches of government.
  • How are laws made?
  • Leaders of government.
    • names and their roles.
  • Location of government.
    • capital city
  • Any significant changes or upheavals for the government in the country's history?


Information to look for when researching economy:

  •  How does this country make money?  
  • Is it manufacturing, or agriculture, or services?
  • What are the exports and imports?
  • What is the value of the goods and services produced by your country (GDP)?
  • Is inflation (an increase in prices of goods while their currency is decreasing in value) a problem?
  • What is their currency called?
  • What is their currency exchange rate with the United States?
  • What percentage of an individual's income is taxed?


Information to look for when researching religion:

  • What are the major religions?  
    • give percentages.
    • be able to briefly describe the religions.
  • Is a religion mandated by the government?
  • Is religion kept separate from government?
  • How important is religion to society?  Are religious festivals considered national holidays?
  • How do people worship?

Choose 3 Topics

One Historic Event (The Civil War) 

One Historic Site (The Plymouth Rock)

One Popular Recreation (Hiking)

One Environmental Issues (Bald Eagle was endangered at one time.) 

One Place of Interest (Grand Canyon) 

One Ethnic Group (Native Americans) 

One Holiday/ Celebration (Fourth of July) 

One Famous Person (George Washington)

One Geographic Feature (Grand Canyon) 

One Archaeological Site (Cave Paintings in TN) 

One Special Art Interest (Broadway Theater) 

One Special Feature (must be approved by teacher.)