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MS - 8 - Holocaust Diary: The Steps

Understand Your Assignment, Step 1

  • Know what you are being asked to do. Understand the rubric.
  • Be able to restate the research question in your own words.This is different than the rubric.  The question you are asked is what you will be answering in your research.
  • Always have your assignment next to you when you are working. 

Take Notes, Step 4

  • Remember to record the works cited information before you begin taking notes.
  • Only record information that relates to your topic, but be sure to take enough notes.
  • Use bullet point summaries of the information you need.

Locate Useful Information, Step 2

  • What type of source do I need and where will I find it?
    • book/ library catalog
    • database/ research guide    
  • What are the key words and phrases I will use when conducting my search?
    • keep jotting down ideas as your research progresses

Organize Your Notes, Step 5

  • Look for common themes and different ways to organize your thoughts.
  • Make certain you have facts to support your opinions.

Choose Your Resources, Step 3

Remember 5 W’s of choosing an online source.

  • Who are the authors/publishers, are they reliable?
  • What is the relevance of this information to my topic?
  • When was this information published?  Is it current?
  • Where does this source gets its information, does it have citations?
  • Why does this source exist?  

In a book:

  • Check for specific topics in the Index and Table of Contents.

Create the Final Product, Step 6

  • Did you answer the question you were asked?
  • Did you support your opinions with facts?
  • Did you check your work against the rubric?
  • Can you check off the requirements?