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US-World History 9- Innovation Madness 2018: Assignment


World History I                                                           


Theme V: Innovation Madness! (2500 BCE to 1600 CE)


Innovation Madness is modeled after March Madness, pitting technological innovations against one another.  Your job is to take your innovation to the final round.  To do this, you and your partner need to prepare a solid argument based on evidence that answers the question below:


Why has __________ had the most significant impact on society?   How?


Show this impact by relating your innovation to Themes One, Two, and Three.  The rounds of the debate will also follow the Themes.


  • Domestication of Animals                                             
  • Stirrups
  • Moveable Type
  • Time Pieces (clock)
  • Money
  • Magnifying Lenses
  • Maps/Navigational Tools
  • Fasteners
  • Bridges
  • Soap


What you will turn in (typed and printed out):

- Thesis statement that answers the question for your assigned innovation.

- Ten pieces of evidence that support your thesis, in bullet point (2 lines or less) format with footnotes

   (UNLESS information is common knowledge, footnotes MUST be included for

   information used from any outside source whether you directly quote it or paraphrase it.)

  • Evidence should be distributed among the three themes.
  • One piece of evidence must be a primary source
  • One piece of evidence must be visual (you will project this during the Madness).


- Chicago-Style Bibliography with at least four entries that reflect the source types below:

  • one primary (either online or from a book)
  • one visual (either online or from a book)
  • one actual book (not a general encyclopedia or textbook)
  • one web source  


How your grade will be determined:

5 points - on task in library

10 points - thesis

20 points - evidence

5 points - works cited page with corresponding in-text citations

10 points - presentation of your innovation and constructive participation during the tournament


Innovation Madness Prep:

Library Intro 1/4

Library on 1/5, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10

***Once you complete preparing for your argument, you should spend time investigating and discussing arguments against potential opponents. ***


Due:   All written work is due on Thursday, January 11 at the beginning of class

           The Madness (debate) begins on Thursday, January 11!

Questions? Ask Ms. Stuart